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Leewood Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 1421
Springfield, VA. 22151

Leewood Homeowners Association

Every person or entity owning a townhome in Leewood is a member of the Leewood Homeowners Association. As a member, you are entitled to vote on major actions of the Association, including election of the Board of Directors. Each townhome is entitled to one vote.

There is an Annual Meeting for members of the Association which is held on the second Tuesday of March. A notice of the Annual Meeting is sent to all homeowners at least 10 days prior to the meeting date.

Board of Directors

The affairs of the Association are managed by the Board of Directors ("Board"), which consists of five (5) persons elected by the Association membership for terms of three years. The Association has four (4) officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The Association documents require the establishment of two regular committees:

  • Architectural Control Committee: Approves construction of new structures or exterior modification of existing structures within Leewood
  • Nominating Committee: Makes nominations for election to the Board of Directors.

The Board may establish other committees and appoint other representatives to assist the Board in the administration of the Association's activities.

Board Meetings

The Leewood Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Phillips School (corner of Backlick and Braddock Roads) at 7:30p.m. These meetings are open to the members and have an open forum at the beginning of each meeting where the owners and residents can bring up matters of concern.

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