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Leewood Homeowners Association

November 15, 2005 Board Meeting



Board members present:
President - Julie King
Secretary - Al Carchedi
Treasurer - absent
At large - Mohammad Umar

Others attending: Janet Rourke, ARC Chair


Meeting called to order at 8:10 P.M.

Minutes of October 11, approved as submitted

President’s report:

  • AAA contract dispute partially resolved. President got them to waive disputed charges for 2004. Compromise was reached for 2005. Good faith payment to be sent while negotiating balance due. New rates will go into effect 2006.
  • President read Judy’s report.
  • MOTION made and approved that violation assessment for resident 7052 Leestone Street, and 5277 Bradgen Court, be waived.
  • MOTION made and approved that violation assessment for resident 7037 Bradwood Court is reduced to $350.00.

Secretary’s report: Auto ticketed for expired tags now is current.

Discussion of moving reserve accounts to new advisor was deferred until Leona was present for input.


  • MOTION made and approved that on all up for hearing list dated dated 11/08/05 be sent hearing letters.
  • MOTION made and approved that all on up for 2nd letter list be sent 2nd letters.
  • MOTION made and approved residents at 5254 Bradgen Court, 5256 Bradgen Court, 5276 Bradgen Court, and 7060 Leebrad Street, be assessed $10.00 per day until violations are corrected.
  • Outstanding violations for 5276 Bradgen Court are being addressed. Contractor has confirmed that work will be scheduled soon.


President brought up the subject of parking. Discussion followed.


Meeting adjourned 9:08 P.M.




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