Leestone Homeowners Association

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2014


Board Members Present:

Patricia Willingham-President

Margaret Pittoti- Treasurer

Heather Pike- Secretary

Haroon Malik- At-Large


Convening: The meeting was called to order at 7:36 pm at the Phillip School, 7010 Braddock Road, Annandale, VA 22003.

Approval of past minutes: October 2014 minutes were approved by the board.

Officers Report:

President: A homeowner spoke to Pat about dog poop in the community. The homeowner said they will write a letter in the newsletter. Leaves were blown on Wednesday 11/5. The large room for the March meeting is secured. Pat also secured the room at the Phillip’s school. We get the room 7:15-9:30 every second Tuesday each month.

Secretary: Heather said she repaired fence and wrote about it in the newsletter. She voiced her concern about getting board members to volunteer since 3 members will be leaving.

Treasurer: Haroon spoke about the newsletter and putting notices out saying the newsletter is online. Spoke about going green. We would need emails so we can send the newsletter. There is an app called Next Door that you can download. Someone who is on it has to invite others to the app. Or we could post on the message board that the newsletter is coming out and to check the website.

At-Large: Maggie went over the assessments. Signature card needs to get done at the bank to add Haroon.
Board made a motion to change positions of Haroon and Maggie. Dave will be notified to change it on the website.

ARC & GM Report:
ARC: Dayna discussed 3 hearing letters.
G&M: Dayna spoke about the leaf blowing and possibility of a 4th (wait and see).

Business: 2015 Budget Planning
*Budget passed

Adjournment: 8:47
*Board will reconvene on 1/13

Certified for the record:


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