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2006 Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting was postponed this year until April 20, 2006. A small, but vociferous group gathered at the Phillips School at 7:30 for light refreshments then the meeting started at 8:00 PM.

This year there was less talk by the committees but presentations by the police department and president Julie King (on lighting). A few dominated the homeowner participation with their views on Leewood management and parking. Even though there was a presentation by Julie on lighting, by the time it came along everyone was getting exhausted and there was little real discussion. Julie had survey forms she handed out, but many people opted not to hand them in at that time.

In our vote, all the ballot issues were approved and there was a write in candidate for the board, Rose Weber, which means that we have a four person board now.

check in desk was busy This year we had the proxy ballots delivered two days in advance of the meeting. This made check in far more organized as all the proxy information was recorded prior to the meeting. Unfortunately, some didn't read their proxies well and argued against the rules.
Audience at the annual meeting This picture was taken before the meeting even started. What a quiet group we had, as people waited for the meeting to start!
Policeman speaking to the group There was a policeman from the Franconia District who spoke about the police department and went through the calls he had from our neighborhood in the last 6 months. He was an interesting and spirited speaker. Watching attentively is our current board of Mohammed Umar (left), Julie King, and Bob Chilakamarri
Flynn giving clues to new board member While Leona and Janet counted the votes, Julie discussed lighting and the Flynns talked with our newest board member.
Prize drawing Chris Taylor makes like the Statue of Liberty to hold the slips for the door prize drawing. Our new board member, Rose Weber, drew for the lucky recipients. Chris held this position for an amazingly long time -- at least from this observer's viewpoint!


By Judith B. Currier

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