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Blowin' in the Wind

recycling binWhenever you put trash or recyclables out, plan for the wind!

What's wrong with the pictured scene? That paper lying right on top of the recycling bin will never stay there for over an hour. The contractor requires that you tie your newspaper in bundles, or put it in a paper bag. The first puff of wind will send the pictured paper flying off, exposing all the lightweight plastic bottles underneath. Those bottles, with a little more wind, will also be blowing around the neighborhood. Already a cup has escaped.

Here are some suggestions --

  • On recyclables, don't just put newspaper in a paper bag and lay it down for the wind to work at ripping the bag, freeing all the newspaper. You could set the recycle bin on top of the paper bag if you want to keep your recyclables separate.
    If your recycle bin is over ½ full, make sure that light weight items are not on top.
  • Put plastic bottles on the bottom. String tie the newspaper and put it on top so it acts like a weight on the rest of the bin – wind really catches things at the tops of the bins.trashpile
  • Often you can tie a light weight bag to a heavier bag -- that will anchor it and make it more convenient for the trash people to pick up.

By following these suggestions we will have a tidier neighborhood. Remember, there is no one whose job it is to clean up trash on our lawns or common areas. We all have to pitch in to keep Leewood clean. Prevention of trash blowing is a big step toward having an attractive community.

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