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Common Area FAQs

The Common Area is administered by the Association for the enjoyment of all Residents (Article IV, Section I of the Association's By-Laws). The Board of Directors has exclusive authority over the use of the Common Area (Article VIII, Section 1(a) of the Association's By-Laws). The term "Common Area" is defined in Article I, Section 1(c) of the Association's Covenants as "all real property owned by the Association for the common use and enjoyment of the members of the Association." Essentially, this refers to all property in the community other than: land occupied by units; land enclosed in fences behind units; and land between the front of a unit and the sidewalk.

What is Leewood's common area?

  • The common area includes the streets, the sidewalks parallel to the streets and through the open areas, and the woods and open areas not a front/back/or side yard of the residents.
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Who owns the common area?

  • As Leewood is a homeowner's association (as opposed to a condominium association or some other form of ownership) the common area belongs to the association.
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May I use the common areas?

  • As a general matter, advance permission from the Board is not required for temporary use (not to exceed one (1) day) of the Common Area for activities such as block parties and birthday parties. Other temporary use (such as yard sales) and temporary use that is expected to extend beyond one (1) day must receive advance Board permission, which will be granted or denied at the Board's sole discretion.
  • Residents using the Common Area should be considerate of their neighbors, and should avoid loud noise at all times and noise of any kind after 11 p.m. We request that parents make sure that their children do not play in the streets, and are respectful of the common property. This means, no climbing in the trees, no breaking of branches, no running through flower beds, and so forth.
  • At no time is any motor vehicle to be driven or parked on the Common Area (including the sidewalk but excluding the streets). Please insure that your contractors do not drive on the Common Area. It is dangerous and ruins the turf. It can also damage sidewalks and curbs.
  • All residents using the Common Area will be held responsible for any damage and must clean up the area after each use.
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Who maintains the common area?

  • The association, as owner, has responsibility for maintaining the common area. This is done through funds collected from the members in the way of their association assessments. Common area maintenance can come either out of the general fund (our lawn maintenance and tree maintenance for example) or out of the reserve fund (streets, fences, sidewalks, etc.)
  • The Association contracts for the maintenance of the Common Area and the lawn areas in the front of each unit in the community. Lawn maintenance services include: mowing, fertilization, and weed and pest control. In Common Areas only, the Association provides for the fertilization, pest control and pruning of trees and shrubs plus the removal of diseased or dead trees and reseeding of the ground in areas that need thicker grass.
  • The Association also has a planting program for the Common Area designed to replace trees and shrubs that die and to enhance the attractiveness of the community by adding new trees and shrubs. The cooperation of Residents in watering newly planted trees and shrubs in the Common Area is greatly appreciated and may be critical to the survival of the plants.
  • Residents may not plant any tree or shrub in the Common Area without the approval of the Board. Application for planting should be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee.
  • Watering of front lawns and Common Area lawns adjacent to dwellings is encouraged. Experts advise that lawn watering should be done in the morning before 11 a.m. or not at all. Watering in the evening encourages the spread of lawn pests and diseases. Since grass requires approximately one inch of rainfall every ten (10) days for optimal growth, lawns should be watered to supplement rainfall below this level.
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I'm cleaning out my backyard, can I throw the stuff into the woods behind me?

  • No! No dumping in any of the common areas is permitted. Think of what it would be like if 195 owners used the common area as their personal trash can. Would you throw that debris into your neighbor's yard? It is the same as putting it in the common area. Both Virginia law and our ARC standards do not permit this. Debris is anything -- including dirt and tree trimmings. The Association may clean it up and charge you for the clean up, assess penalties, or both if you dump in the common area.
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Who maintains my front yard?

  • Although your front yard belongs to you, the association fertilizes and mows the grass there so Leewood can have a consistent look. Plantings in your yard, and what you can put there, is subject to our ARC Standards.
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Who is responsible for my front sidewalk?

  • The sidewalk leading to your house is owned by you and you are responsible for it.
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Who shovels the snow in Leewood?

  • The residents or someone they hire shovel the snow. It is your responsibility to shovel your front walk and the common area sidewalk in front of your home. We have some really good neighbors who also shovel the sidewalks in front of some of the common areas which helps everyone.
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Who plows the streets in Leewood?

  • Leewood hires a contractor to plow our streets and also the public streets that lead into the community (Bradwood Street and Braddock Mews Place).
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Who owns that odd hole in the ground at the corner of Braddock Rd. and Bradwood St.?

  • That funny hole in the ground is called a dry pond, and is one of Fairfax County's concepts of managing storm water run-off. It is owned by Leewood. The county has rights to go in and do things on its floor.
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