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Pet FAQs

Article X, Section 7 of the Association's Covenants expressly prohibits the raising, breeding, or keeping within the community of any animals other than dogs, cats, or other household pets not raised, bred, or kept for any commercial use.

In addition, Article XIX of the Association's By-Laws authorizes the Fairfax County Animal Warden and the Fairfax County Police to enforce the County's "leash laws" within our community.

What requirements regarding pets must be adhered to at Leewood?

  • Dog licenses are mandatory in Fairfax County.
  • The owner or custodian of each dog and domesticated cat 4 months of age and older shall have it currently vaccinated against rabies
  • All dogs in public areas, including front yards, must be kept on a leash.
  • Residents who walk their dogs within the community are required to clean up after their dogs.
  • The owner of any animal, after being requested by the owner or tenant of any premises not to permit the animal to trespass upon such premises, shall not allow any such animal to go upon such premises.
  • Pets are to be kept under control at all times to avoid disturbing other residents.
  • Any resident may report violations to the Fairfax Animal Control.

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