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Parking Complaints    airplane flying

At the October 22, 2002 parking committee meeting, a new approach to handling parking problems was discussed. It was agreed that many of the so-called "problems" are not problems at all, but rather contributing causes to tight parking. The complaints that arise from tight parking are not fully documented, nor is the definition of tight. At what point does the community believe that something should be done about parking? If someone has to walk a block to their house every day? If someone has to walk a half block to their house once a month? Do people object to walking for some other reason such as lighting? As we don't have the data to answer the above (and related) questions it was decided that we should start accummulating data so that we can better interpret what the complainers are truly concerned about, and the sense of the community on whether the complaints truly represent a problem.

Accordingly, if the complaint falls into the "fuzzy" category from now on we will be collecting information in an effort to categorize that complaint. If the complaint is about curbside parking, cars leaking oil, etc. that should be handled quickly through enforcement methods currently available.

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