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Parking Committee Problem List    bouncing car

The parking committee met on October 3rd and came up with a list of perceived problems which follows. The numbers in parentheses to the right represent a "guesstimate" of how many people encounter the problem/are creating the problem in Leewood. It should be noted that the committee has not voted on whether any of these problems are serious enough to worry about -- that is the next step. If you have any comments on the "problem list", please post to the message board.

  1. absolute lack of non-reserved parking spaces (5-7)
  2. lack of parking spaces within a certain distance of one's home (5-10)
  3. motorcycles parked/stored (3) more than one/two vehicles per household (170/50) cars parked for long periods of time (7-15) vehicles leaking fluids (10-15) vehicles in violation of existing rules and regulations (10) non-resident vehicles regularly parked in the development (1)
  4. people who regularly park in unreserved space leaving their free space open (7)
[Note: Having heard nothing from the committee about edits that I thought made the list make a little more sense, I just edited this myself. Thus, this is by no means an approved list. Judy Currier]

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