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Welcome!Blue spruce tree


Our first banner had a lovely bush featured. It is a Russian Sage that is located in the "Boot Hill" common area at Leewood.

Speaking of banners, how would you like to design us a new one? The main thrust of our development effort has been to get the basics down, but this is a site that we hope will continually grow to reflect Leewood and the talent of those that live or own here.

After you explore the site, if you have any suggestions about it do contact us at webmaster@leewood.us. We hope that we have made a good start in providing the information and means of communication that you desire.

You'll find the newsletters and archives, the minutes, our popular contractor list, and recreation spots all within a handy click. Also, check out the community section and join our list where you can discuss whatever you desire, tell of objects for sale, services needed/offered and get information about Leewood fast! There is more information about the list when you go to that page. Use our message board which is available for messages and discussions right here on our website.

This site is set up for a default display of 800x600, where it takes up the entire screen. It works best with Internet Explorer 6. If you have your Explorer set so that their navigation bar on the left hand side is turned off you should not have to scroll sideways always an annoyance.

Most people will have their browsers Java enabled, and if you do, you will see that we have mouseover menus on the navigation buttons. This enables you to get a quick look at what is in the various categories, and link directly to them from the mouseover menus. Explore this carefully as our Governing Documents section has two levels of these menus! If you don't have Java enabled, or want to read an introductory statement, you can just click on any of the buttons.

Enjoy, and do tell us what you think!


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