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The inspiration for this article were the lovely hdrangeas on the circle area of Leestone St. The gardening books always say the color is controlled by the acidity of the soil. Here, somehow an electric blue and pink coexist happily and in a fairly shaded location to boot! Perhaps that is the reason for the intense color.

cornVegetables can also be grown in our back yards. You can't have a huge cop of corn, but each stalk will get about two-three ears, and meanwhile the plant looks lush and tropical in the backyard. There is nothing like freshly picked corn! The flower to the left is a spider flower and blooms all summer. Morning Doves love the seeds from it. It is rather hard to train to a bed (it comes back from seeds) as it seems to have its own mind of where it wants to be. Perhaps those doves are the reason for that!




beans and cornBeans can be trained to grow up the fence and tomatoes prosper with a little care. Everything is a bit late this year due to the cold Spring.





This front row of flowers and hostas is at the corner of Leebrad and Bradwood Ct. It looks very bright and cheery -- reminding one of the Leebrader who always planted a red, white and blue border garden for the 4th of July!


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