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Community Safety Tips

Emergency and Safety Resources

Our Leewood Map is included in our directory and Leewood Manual and also in the "About Us" page of this board. It is very handy in locating our neighbors and just where Leestone Ct. is in comparison to Leewood St.!

Find out about Fairfax's Emergency Alert system -- and sign up so you will get the information right on your computer, PDA, or other communication device. Closely related to the emergency alert system is the Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps. To be a member you do not have to have medical training, in fact most do not. This corps helps out in case of a large scale medical emergency.

Another Fairfax service is the police department's "A Guide to Personal Safety" . Learn safety tips and about a program called Sexual Assault Free & Empowered (S.A.F.E.). This program trains women in the theory and actions they must take to be safer.

Pets and Disasters -- A Red Cross Brochure with pointers to protect your pets.

Preparing for Rapid Onset Emergencies -- A Fire Department Brochure.

Is the Salesman at your door Licensed

Guide for Protecting Your Home and Property